Before we start with our frequent questions and answers, let me say something very important: NO shipping. NO money orders. All rental transactions should be in person! :) Happy renting!

What is RentBillow?

Rentbillow.com is an online marketplace that serves as a bridge between borrowers and lenders. This website connects you to people who will lend their tools or borrow yours for a price.

Simple. Got tools? Rent them! Need tools? Rent them!

 Is it free to create an account?

Yes, registering in RentBillow is completely free and does not commit to any fee.

 Who can sign-up on RentBillow?

Everyone can join RentBillow. Individuals, businesses, groups, public organizations or associations can all join.

 How do I put my stuff up for rent?

It is very easy. First create a RentBillow account, list your articles under “LIST YOUR ITEM”, add all the information requested, pitch your item, add pictures, price, etc…and submit!

What are the fees for using RentBillow as a renter?

Creating an account is free, and using the site to rent does not incur any cost. ( The fee paid to RentBillow is deducted from the rental price due to the owner.) The only fee paid by the renter is the rental cost plus the credit card transaction fee of 2.9% + .30

What are the fees for using RentBillow as an owner?

10% of the total transaction.

Do I have to pay for my rental online?

Yes, you must pay directly online when reserving a rental item. The owner will get paid once they confirm receipt of the rented article.

Security deposits are managed personally between renter and owner.

 What happens if I get a booking request?

Congratulations! You are about to make some extra bucks for your treasures.

You only have 48 hrs. to accept or reject a rental request.

What to do next?

  • You and the renter will receive an email with each other’s information.
  • Contact them to agree on the details.
  • Print 2 copies of the rental agreement and fill it out as detailed as possible. (Ask for driver’s license information if you wish)
  • Go over the rental agreement with the renter and make sure you are in agreement.
  • Confirm everything went smoothly and you have your item back.
  • RentBillow will process your payment.


 What happens if the owner declines my rental booking request?

After contacting the rental item owner, if the rental transaction cannot go through for whatever reason, the renter can add a note explaining reasons for rejection. Sometimes a change of dates can get them to approve the rental. In any case your payment will be cancelled if this occurs.

 What happens if the owner accepts my rental booking request?

  • You will receive an email with the owner’s information.
  • Contact them to agree on the details.
  • Just in case, bring with you a copy of your driver’s license.
  • Enjoy your rental & return it promptly.
  • RentBillow will pay the owner after they confirm the item has been returned.
  • If you can’t return the item on time, make sure to communicate with the owner and agree on a new date and time for return. This extra payment can be managed between owner and renter.


 What happens when something goes wrong? (Loss, damage, no show at rental point)?

For any rental transaction, whether online or in the real world, a rental contract, or agreement, is established between the owner and the renter to confirm the deal and its conditions. This contract is available for display within the description of the items listed for rent. The consequences of an incident are governed by this contract and of course by any legislation that is in effect. RentBillow also provides a standard contract that individuals are free to use. It includes all the essential clauses of a classic rental agreement. In case of loss or damage of the rented item, the clauses regarding the security deposit are particularly helpful to resolve the issue.

Make sure you ask for a security deposit also as a precaution.

 (Owners) When will I get my payment?

After you receive your article back, go to Profile, rental requests and Click on “confirm” after each item was returned.

This will allow us to process payment.

How do you protect my privacy?

We don’t share your actual address or contact info with the other party until you both have agreed to a rental transaction. When a rental request is accepted, only email and phone number will be shared. (See Policy, safety)

Why some items description shows the owner’s contact information?

These are rental businesses open to the public. They have their own rental rules and their information can be found anywhere. It is actually a good thing for them to share their contact information, for potential customers to be able to contact them right away. For private owners we advice they don’t add their personal information as they can bet targeted for scams or other dangers.

If RentBillow it’s free, why do I get an email saying I sent X amount of money to RentBillow, LLC?

This amount it’s used to cover PayPal fees of (2.9% +.30). The Renter pays 100%-Owner receives 100%-Owner pays PayPal fee through us.

For any other questions,


Happy renting!