RentBillow Safety

We at RentBillow pride ourselves on our incident-free services, and that’s only assured when the owners and renters take the necessary precautions and safety measures. We make sure that the transactions are as secure as possible, but it is not possible unless you, as an owner or renter, take the necessary steps. Following are a number of precautions that you need to take to make sure you get the best value for your time, money and equipment:

For Owners

We want to make sure that you as owners have the best possible experience when renting your items. Following are a number of practices and guidelines to make sure you find reliable renters:

  1. Make sure you call before meeting your renter.

  2. Do not make a transaction outside of RentBillow.

  3. Do not respond to any personal e-mails suggesting ‘alternate’ payment methods.

  4. Make sure you have the rental agreement with you when meeting the renter, and have it signed.

  5. Explain the operations of your rental item in detail. If there are any cautionary measures and/or safety guidelines please do specify. This will ensure that your product is used in the most optimum way.

  6. Make sure you ask for an official ID document for verification.

  7. Your renter should give you the deposit at the meeting, if not, ask for it yourself.

  8. If using checks, then make sure that the name on the check is same as that of the renter.


It is not just the owners that need to take safety precautions, renters too are required to take measures to ensure a trouble-free transaction.

  1. Be sure to carefully read the rental item’s description before confirming the request for reservation.

  2. You can ask for more information about the item by using the ‘Ask Owner a Question’ tab.

  3. Once the reservation request has been accepted, contact the owner set up a meeting.

  4. Make sure you ask the owner everything you need to know about operating the item.

  5. Also, carefully read the agreement before signing.

These safety measures have enabled many owners and renters to conveniently and safely rent items. It is very important that you make all payments through our website. Do not respond to any emails that ask you to pay via any other method, even if the emails are from or You should report any such messages by clicking on the small flag icon on the message thread or immediately report to

RentBillow can and will not be held responsible, and wouldn’t be able to help you in any regard if the transaction happens offline and/or if we have no records of it. Please do comply with these rules to ensure easy transactions and safety of all the parties and items concerned. Happy renting!