Why Rent

Lease vs Buy ConceptShould I rent or should I buy? What is the most wallet-friendly option? What is the best bet that not only allows you to control your purse strings but helps soothe the savage beast of your needs as well? These are brain-scratchers that haunt any conscious investor and the answer boils down to renting, the one solution that fits all.

Given the recent economic meltdown that has enveloped the entire globe, it would be only justified to say that renting is an alternative that can help you make the most out of possessions that are doing nothing besides eating dust in some corner of your home. Renting out your stuff and borrowing stuff from others is an arrangement that works wonders because you get a chance to enjoy anything and everything without leaving an ugly hole in your pocket.

Reasons this arrangement can easily work for you are listed below as follows. Read on!

Sweet, Simple, Fuss-Free

Recently, several websites have reared their heads promising to connect potential lenders to needy borrowers. These websites ideally brings borrowers closer to lenders to fulfill their needs without stretching their budgets. All you need to do is to browse a website for what you need, pay a small rental fee agreed upon by both the parties and you are good to go.

Value Is All That Matters

A football game between your two favorite teams is coming up and you have invited all your friends. Now, what you just need is a big screen to take the excitement of the game to new heights. Buying a screen is out of question and what’s the point? It will be useless once the weekend is over. What should you do? Rent one!

In such circumstances, renting becomes the ideal solution because you get the best value for the thing to use. Buying a screen will cost you your hard-earned money and for a mere weekend, the investment is just not worth it. Similarly, if you plan to paint your walls, the tools will be useless once the job is done? The solution: rent the tools. Be shop-savvy and only purchase stuff that you can appreciate in value. Buying something that will lose its value after single use is a big no-no.

Make Money Easily

Looking out for ways to augment your income? No, you don’t have to take up a part-time job. Instead, put your stuff up for renting and cash in on things that are just sitting idle in your home. While you may not earn huge amounts of money, the little extra cash you earn as rental fee add up quickly.

Some Smart Suggestions- When You Should Rent Right Away

  • Consider the cost of buying vs. renting. In most cases, buying an item is very expensive as compared to the meager rental fee. That’s why, renting emerges as a better option often.

  • Consider your frequency of usage of an item. If an item is not something that will come in handy at all times and you will need to use it only once in a blue moon, there’s no point in purchasing it.

  • Consider the term of usage for an item. How long do you plan to use it? If the time-span is short, it is not an investment worth making.

Bottom-line, borrow stuff if the need arises or get your stuff to work for you by putting it up for renting. A trustworthy resource for rentals is www.rentbillow.com . Serving as a bridge between borrowers and lenders, this website connects you to people who will lend their stuff or borrow yours for the top dollar.